Tuesday Notes – Troubleshooting – 01/10/2019

Hey everyone,  

Here’s a few quick points on what I've been up to:

Podcast I'm listening to..

Jocko Podcast - Jocko Willink (American retired United States Navy SEAL) and Echo Charles discipline and leadership... extensively.

What I've read

Quote from the book

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten


As the tester, you have great in depth knowledge with the platform you are working with, so sometimes you get some queries from the wider business team on expected behaviour, bugs, and working through other types of problems. A bug was reported by a client where there are some discrepancies with their expected data and what we show in the platform. After systematically going through how a discrepancy can go about we found that it was a human error and the data was then corrected.

Don’t forget to log your interruptions, In this instance the team was aware that I was helping the wider business team out and meant that the time to complete what I was currently testing would be delayed.

Happy Testing!


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