Tuesday Notes – Remember people’s names – 05/11/2019

Hey everyone,  

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A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language

Remember people's names

It was one of our co-workers birthday, let’s call him John. We normally get a couple of nice cakes from Marks and Spencer’s (Rainbow Layers Cake + Chocolate Cake), get a fairly sized card enough for around 25 people to write their own birthday message, pretty standard. The card gets passed around the office sneakily and it got to Adam. Adam is fairly new and has only spoken to a handful of people but was given a diagram of where people are seated and their names. Adam gave the card to John and insisted that John sign it because it is important that everyone signs the card for John. John then told Adam that he is John 🤦

Don’t forget to remember people’s names! At the very least ask a person that you know!

Happy Testing!


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