Tuesday Notes – Manual testing ≠ Automated testing / 26/11/2019

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Manual Testing ≠ Automated Testing

We recently had a release that took 3 manual testers a week (5 days) to test as no automation was done for this specific part of the system. In future sprints, we are aiming for the automation of most of what we have done. However, it was clear that certain things that we found during testing could not have been found by automation that we would have done. An example is some styling changes and general perception of a section. We even had some bizarre error messages coming out when we are trying to access certain sections.

When a person tests, they bring towards the entire range of human capabilities such as getting a general impression/feel, unusual things happening on the screen, what sounds are being made. Test automation are explicitly specified tests whether you are ensuring that the output contains X if you have the input Y.


Happy Testing!


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