Tuesday Notes – Entry Criterias – 03/09/2019

Hey everyone,  

Here’s a few quick points on what I've been up to:

Podcast I'm listening to..

Jocko Podcast - Jocko Willink (American retired United States Navy SEAL) and Echo Charles discipline and leadership... extensively.

What I'm reading...

Quote from the book

Don’t try to do everything at once or you won’t be successful - Jocko Willink

Entry Criterias

They are essentially a checklist of conditions or tasks that must be done before moving on to the next set of the process.  One of the lessons we've learned before is the importance of running smoke tests in local environments and the staging server for testing and UAT.

We found that a specific ticket can be working on their local host and when deployed into the server they may not be working, two main issues arise:

  • Server configuration error
  • Deployment issues

So this has now been added to the Entry Criteria before formal testing occurs to make more effective use of the team's time. Check this post for a quick checklist on what to include in your entry criteria

Happy Testing!


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