Tuesday notes 09/07/2019

Hey everyone,

I’m going to document more of what I’m doing so I can start looking back into what I was up to before and how I compare to what I’m up to now. In theory, this should help me improve my writing and focus so I make better use of my time and not just sleep.

What I’m reading..

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Quote from the book

Rule #1 - Stand up straight with your shoulders back

To stand up straight with your shoulders back means building the ark that protects the world from the flood, guiding your people through the desert after they have escaped tyranny,  making your way away from comfortable home and country, and speaking the prophetic word to those who ignore the windows and children”

The light in the dark

In my previous post, I talked about the tester being the light in the dark and this has become more prominent this week. My team is currently working on a big project that will require X amount of days to test. I have been asked “How long is it going to take for this piece of work to get tested?” to which I answered that I could not give an accurate estimate so far as I have not been able to catch up with the developers on areas that can be affected.

Now i have caught up with the developers and the team is faced with the following challenges:

  1. It requires a regression test
  2. More test scenarios to be thought about and written
  3. Some team members have time off soon
  4. 1 week to test

Now the next steps are…

  1. Write down some test scenarios using some heuristics
  2. Talk with the wider business team to get another point of view
  3. Talk and agree with the team on scenarios and approach

What we’ve done here is find information along the way to let the product manager know how long things might take. Now the next step in the process is starting the official test cycle!

Happy Testing!


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