Secret Santa


Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular holiday game that is a fun way for a group of family, friends, or co-workers to exchange gifts. The concept is straightforward. The participants put their names into a hat or use a website. Each person then gets a chance to pick a name out of a hat or get designated one by the website of your choosing. The people involved must not tell anyone who they have gotten out of the hat and must now give that person a gift.

When each gift is wrapped, it should just say the name of the receiver but not the secret santa. From my experience, this is done just before a christmas dinner and each person opens the gift in front of each other. A whole lot of fun for everyone involved. For a more detailed explanation, go to

What am I getting my Secret Santa this year?

I am the type of person that prefers to have a lasting impression on someone, rather than get something mundane like chocolate, I got the lucky person is now getting Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and a “Grow your own unicorn”.

Note: Do not try to give funny gifts if you are not close with the person. I have learned this the hard way by offending people that I barely knew.

The Reaction

A bunch of smiling faces and laughter. What more can you ask for in a present! 🙂

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