Definition of the day: Defect Management

Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Defect Management: The process of recognising and recording defects, classifying them, investigating them, taking action to resolve them, and disposing of them when resolved. Important Note: Every company will have their own unique defect management system based on resources Example: Bug Report – User files report … [Read more…]

How to write Acceptance Criteria

In a faraway world of perfection, we would truly understand each other without any confusion whether it was ‘this’ or ‘that’. In our world, we need to come up with ways to convey our intentions and ideas clearly so we are not misunderstood by our colleagues.  In software development, acceptance criteria aid the development team … [Read more…]

Definition of the day: Done

Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Done: The team agrees on, and displays prominently somewhere in the team room, a list of criteria which must be met before a product increment “often a user story” is considered “done”. Failure to meet these criteria at the end of a sprint normally implies that the work should not … [Read more…]

Definition of the day: Estimation

Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Estimation:  In software development, an “estimate,” in the usual sense, consists of a quantified evaluation of the effort necessary to carry out a given development task; this is most often expressed in terms of duration. The intent is to aggregate many such individual estimates, so as … [Read more…]