The Beginning

Hesitation and just doing it

This is going to be your typical “I thought about doing this for months but never got around to it or I’ve been busy “, though I’ve never really had an excuse, it was just a lie that I have been telling myself.

*Stares at the laptop for a few minutes*

Was I meant to write something inspirational? This is rather difficult so here we go.

I graduated July 2016, took a break from all the studying for a couple of months and I managed to find myself a job in Central London as a Software QA Tester. I managed to survive 2 weeks of commuting 4 hours a day to get to work and back home, decided it was enough and moved to London to keep my sanity.

Whoa! – what a complete lifestyle change. This is a blog for people who want to know what it’s like being classed as an ‘adult’. Mostly, it’s something for futurenme to look at about what lessons I’ve learned and the experiences in my life.

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