Definition of the day: User Story

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Here is the definition of the day:

User Story

A high-level user or business requirement commonly used in Agile software development, typically consisting of one sentence in the everyday or business language capturing what functionality a user needs and the reason behind this, any non-functional criteria, and also includes acceptance criteria.

Typical Format

As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason >

Important Note:

  • The level of detail in a user story is not constant, it changes overtime. 
  • A user story does not take into account all the technical details or the user interface


Sample business case: Update access levels for users

User Story: As an admin, I want to go to the Users page and update the access level of an employee so that the person only has access to certain sections agreed upon.

Sample business case: Book search bar to find items I need with ease

User Story: As a user, I want to search for books by title, so that I can find books with similar titles

For more information on user stories, have a look at my previous post: How to write user stories

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