Definition of the day: Usability Testing


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Here is the definition of the day:

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a long-established, empirical and exploratory technique to answer questions such as “how would an end user respond to our software under realistic conditions?”

It consists of observing a representative end user interacting with the product, given a goal to reach but no specific instructions for using the product. (For instance, a goal for usability testing of a furniture retailer’s Web site might be “You’ve just moved and need to do something about your two boxes of books; use the site to find a solution.”)


  • Some teams I have spoken to get a new feature in production but labelled as “Beta” where the users give feedback via email. Others also run observation workshops to observe the user’s actions without intervening, recording what happens using notes. Once testing of the product is done, there will be a team discussion that focuses on any difficulties encountered by the user.

Happy Testing!


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