Definition of the day: Sprint Retrospective


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Here is the definition of the day:

Sprint Retrospective

The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning. This is at most a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter. The Scrum Master ensures that the event takes place and that attendants understand its purpose. This is the opportunity for the Scrum Team to improve and all members should be in attendance.

During the Sprint Retrospective, the team discusses:

  • What went well in the Sprint
  • What could be improved
  • What will we commit to improve in the next Sprint


  • Some teams I’ve talked to have a scrum master of a different team to facilitate the meeting. What they say is that is that someone with a vested interest in the project’s outcomes would find it difficult to facilitate the discussions impartially and also take part in them.
  • There should be outcomes of ways to improve whether it be processes, certain definitions used such as “Done”. If there are no suggestions from the team about how to improve, there needs to be an investigation as to why.

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