Definition of the day: Error Guessing


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Here is the definition of the day:

Error Guessing

A test technique in which tests are derived on the basis of the tester's knowledge of past failures, or general knowledge of failure modes.


  • When you find multiple bugs during a testing phase, once all the bugs have been fixed then you are doing to test the bugs are no longer appearing. In the next ticket to be released you will test out the new features and see if the bugs you found in the previous iteration is still present. Maybe the ticket has not been merged with the latest changes?
  • You are testing out a new system of deployment using certain scripts. You have found that certain sections are not working when using the deployment scripts. The team member fixes the deployment issues and you ask him to use the scripts to deploy again. You should test the sections that have stopped working again to verify that sections are working as expected

Happy Testing!


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