Definition of the day: Done

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Here is the definition of the day:


The team agrees on, and displays prominently somewhere in the team room, a list of criteria which must be met before a product increment “often a user story” is considered “done”. Failure to meet these criteria at the end of a sprint normally implies that the work should not be counted toward that sprint’s velocity.

Important Note:

Every ticket that is worked on is unique and will most likely have specific criteria when they are completed


Testing is "Done":

Here is an example checklist that can be used to define what is "done" and be passed on for User Acceptance Testing

  • Requirements document are up-to-date
  • Tests have ran and feature is QA approved
  • Automated regression tests have ran successfully
  • Test summary report on automated tests is ready to view
  • Test summary report on manual testing is ready to view
  • Bugs have been logged 
  • List of bugs present are not release blockers
  • Master test cases have been updated

Happy Testing!


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