Definition of the day: Coverage


Hey everyone,

Here is the definition of the day:


The degree to which specified coverage items have been determined or have been exercised by a test suite expressed as a percentage.


  • Whilst we ponder on how much testing is getting done we must continuously ask ourselves if our tests are critical or not. Let’s say you have an application that has changed in section X and it does not touch any code or change in section Y, it would not make sense to run some tests on section Y. 
  • On top of this, we must ensure that we should aim for more testing coverage rather than too little. Here’s an example, one of our programmers has developed a feature that touches on a few subsections of a certain section. One of these sections that we have is a dropdown with 100 items. We must ask ourselves, is it worth testing all the 100 items in the checklist compared to getting some coverage on the other subsections? Sometimes we might need that but maybe in a specific case we do not.


You have a test suite that is running with 100 test cases and 50 have of them completed. This means that for this test suite you have 50% coverage.

Happy Testing!


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