Definition of the day: Blackbox Testing

Hey everyone,

Here is the definition of the day:

Blackbox Testing:

Testing, either functional or non-functional, without reference to the internal structure of the component or system.


User Acceptance Criteria 1

As a user of System X

Given that I am logged in

Then I click on the dropdown list

Then I verify that it expands and shows the values I expect

Test Case Sample

The system allows the user to click on the dropdown list and the list expands to see the value “Dropdown Value 1”

User Acceptance Criteria 2

As a user of System X

Given that I am on the main page

Then I click on the search box

Then I should be able to input values that I need to search for

Test Case Sample

The system allows the user to click on the search box, input “-1” and the page shows all the values with "-1"

Happy Testing!



  1. Karlo Smid


    Here is why I think that your definition is wrong.

    Black box software testing is an approach, where functional and non-functional (a.k.a parafunctional) are software testing techniques. Error in your definition is that you could apply any software testing technique using a black-box software testing approach. Not just functional and non-functional techniques.

    Regards, Karlo.

    • One Man


      This is the definition used by ISQTB (International Software Qualifications Testing Board). Though in general terms, there are no discernible differences between the term, and you are partially right.
      If we say that an “approach” is like a gameplan with a start, middle, and end, we know the general layout of the process. However, technique is the execution of that approach in which where we can apply functional and non-functional.

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