Definition of the Day: Acceptance Criteria

Hey everyone,

In order to avoid the ambiguities in different software testing terms, every thursday, I am going to start posting a definition and providing samples.

Acceptance Criteria:

The criteria that a component or system must satisfy in order to be accepted by a user, customer, or other authorized entity.

Sample #1

User Story: 

As a user of System X

I want to be able to sign in to the system

So that I can access my personal profile


Sample Acceptance Criteria: System X user signs in with valid credentials

Given that I am on the log-in page of System X

When I fill in the "Username" and "Password" fields with my credentials

and I click the Sign-In Button

Then the system signs me in and allow me to 

Sample #2

User Story: 

As a signed-in user of System X

I want to be export my analytics data in CSV format

So that my Business Intelligence Team can analyse our data to make more informed decisions

Sample Acceptance Criteria:

Given that I'm logged into System X

When I go to the Analytics Page

Then the system shows me the "Export Data" button

And I click on "Export Data" button

Then the system exports my data in CSV Format

And my browser downloads the CSV File in my specified directory

Happy Testing!


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