Software bugs and mispricing – Ride-on tractor mower for £34.99?!

Amazon 1p sales bonanza after computer glitch misprices thousands of items, leaving angry retailers ‘losing £30,000 overnight Furious owners of small businesses face ruin after a glitch allowed online shoppers to buy their products on Amazon for 1p. Some firms lost tens of thousands of pounds in a single hour during Friday night’s disastrous software … [Read more…]

Definition of the day: Coverage

  Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Coverage The degree to which specified coverage items have been determined or have been exercised by a test suite expressed as a percentage. Notes Whilst we ponder on how much testing is getting done we must continuously ask ourselves if our tests are critical or … [Read more…]

Software bugs and people’s privacy – 27/11

Facebook Changed 14 Million People’s Privacy Settings to “Public” Without Warning Facebook disclosed Thursday that a software bug may have switched some users’ posts to “public” without telling them. That means that status updates, photos, and other Facebook activity that people thought they were sharing just with their friends, or with friends of friends, would … [Read more…]