Definition of the day: Heuristic

  Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Heuristic A generally recognized rule of thumb that helps to achieve a goal Example Find Importants Problem Fast – Testing should be optimised to find important problems fast, rather than attempting to find all problems with equal urgency. For example, you have a systemthat requires … [Read more…]

Definition of the day: Behaviour

  Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Behaviour The response of a component or system to a set of input values and preconditions. Important Note: While certain behaviours are expected of a system, people may have a different expected outcomes and it is essential that everyone is aligned with certain behaviours. Example … [Read more…]

Software bugs costs business – 13/11

Reebok runs into trouble over mistaken free trainers offer Sports retailer Reebok has apologised to thousands of shoppers who placed orders for £100 pairs of trainers after a website glitch meant they were only charged for delivery. The company has refused to honour the orders, which are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, but will … [Read more…]