What to say in a standup

In this piece of writing, we’ll talk about standups and how each team member can give the most effective information they can, so the sprintly goals are achieved. First we’ll discuss what a standup is, what’s in a standup, and what I generally say during a standup What is a standup and why we do … [Read more…]

Defect Triage

So recently, one of the members of our defect triage team has left and an additional helping hand has been required to determine if a reported issue is an actual issue. Here’s where I come in, assisting in confirmation of bugs. The following piece of writing will answer the following: What is ‘Defect Triage’? Why … [Read more…]

The Testing Status Dashboard

The Dashboard

One thing that I’ve been getting asked more than it should’ve is “How is the testing going?”, “What’s left to test?”, “What bugs are open?”. In this piece of writing, we’ll talk about the general way in which you can show the team and other parts of the business the status of project(s). In my … [Read more…]

Celebrate Your Success!

Celebrate success with your team Agile teams experience highs and lows in a more moderate amount compared to older processes. Whether your team has released what they have committed to, released more than they would have thought, or took in too much than they can handle, they need some form of celebration or mini-break. You … [Read more…]

Show me the money, I mean feature

Evaluating the product Evaluating the product is what testers, product managers, internal users and actual users do when they look at a product. These people that evaluate the product from individual perceptions on how it looks, feels, and what they expect. When people are explaining things to us, we try to imagine and internalise what … [Read more…]



What do successful software teams, surgeons, train services, and astronauts have in common? Apart from technical excellence in their specific fields, they have checklists to avoid catastrophic errors. For astronauts, it’s not abiding to protocol for the space station that may cause millions of dollars of failure and human death. For surgeons, it’s surgically removing … [Read more…]