Wednesday Software fails – Indian Lunar Radar Crash

New details emerge about failed lunar landings In a written response to questions Nov. 20 to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s Parliament, Jitendra Singh, minister of state for the Department of Space, said that the Vikram lander “hard landed” on the moon Sept. 6 because of a problem with the lander’s braking thrusters. … [Read more…]

Tuesday Notes – Be careful of your writing tone – 04/02/2020

Hey everyone,   Here’s a few quick points on what I’ve been up to: Podcast I’m listening to.. The Wolf’s Den Going from rags to riches, back to rags, and then back to riches yet again, Jordan Belfort is that rare breed of individuals who knows how to land on his feet, regardless of what life … [Read more…]

How to write Acceptance Criteria

In a faraway world of perfection, we would truly understand each other without any confusion whether it was ‘this’ or ‘that’. In our world, we need to come up with ways to convey our intentions and ideas clearly so we are not misunderstood by our colleagues.  In software development, acceptance criteria aid the development team … [Read more…]

Definition of the day: Estimation

Hey everyone, Here is the definition of the day: Estimation:  In software development, an “estimate,” in the usual sense, consists of a quantified evaluation of the effort necessary to carry out a given development task; this is most often expressed in terms of duration. The intent is to aggregate many such individual estimates, so as … [Read more…]