Wednesday Trivia: 160,000 data breaches reported in the last year and a half

Since the release of GDPR privacy regulation just a year and a half ago, there have been 160,000 data breaches reported to authorities. The General Data Protection Regulation law came in to protect people’s data and to make sure that firms were complying with keeping customers safe online. Those who didn’t follow procedures faced fines … [Read more…]

Wednesday Software Fails: Problems hit Child Support Agency payouts

Thousands of single parents have been left short of money because of problems with a multi-million pound computer system intended to speed up payments. Since the Child Support Agency system was introduced in April only one third of the 152,000 applications for child maintenance have been processed. Liberal Democrat Steve Webb, who obtained the figures, … [Read more…]

Good News of the Day: Netflix will now let you disable its awful autoplaying feature

Netflix customers have complained for years about the frustrating and annoying autoplay preview feature that occurs on its homepage. Today, the company announced that subscribers can finally disable autoplay functionality. People can choose to disable autoplay in two different formats: one that automatically starts the next episode in a series and one that autoplays previews while browsing. … [Read more…]

Wednesday Trivia: Almost half of developers skip writing tests

Trivia Night

A surprisingly large amount of developers have admitted to skipping writing tests so they can speed up new feature developments, a recent report has found. 42% of respondents confessed to cutting corners when it comes to developing products due to the pressure felt in producing quality software, quickly. The research, from Diffblue conducted by Vanson Bourne suggests … [Read more…]